Booties In Your Budget

I know, I know.. I’ve been MIA. I haven’t posted in a while because I simply haven’t had any time. I’ve been super busy working, traveling… and shopping! Summer is officially here and so are the trends. I recently purchased two pairs of open-toed, blocked heel booties and let’s just say, I am obsessed. These booties are currently my favorite warm weather shoe because they look super cute with almost any outfit. I’ve never been a huge fan of wedges because I feel like they’re too casual and clunky so it was only right to purge my closet of wedges and replace with bootie heels. Continue reading


Shoe Shelves

I have an obsession with shoes… Designer shoes in particular. Impulsively buying new shoes is my vice. My one issue: I can’t seem to fit them all in my closet. It wasn’t like I could just throw them into the bottom of my closet, creating a stackable mountain of a mess, because they’re expensive and I make sure I take care of my nice shoes. For the longest time, I had each pair of shoes atop their box ordered neatly on my floor. It looked as if they were showcased but truthfully, I just didn’t want anything to happen to them.. No scuffs, marks, folds, creases, etc. As my shoe collection began to grow and grow, I was losing more and more floor space. I thought, “I need to improvise.” I knew if I Continue reading