Free People Dupes

I’m an avid shopper when it comes to Free People. However, my bank account isn’t too fond of my unjustifiable habit of spending that kind of money. Seriously, my mom actually yells at me every time there’s a new package on the front stoop. Considering the fact that I love their style, I decided to seek out cheaper alternatives. I came across a few good dupes of some outrageously expensive, yet beautiful Free People pieces that I. Want. So. Bad. Continue reading


Booties In Your Budget

I know, I know.. I’ve been MIA. I haven’t posted in a while because I simply haven’t had any time. I’ve been super busy working, traveling… and shopping! Summer is officially here and so are the trends. I recently purchased two pairs of open-toed, blocked heel booties and let’s just say, I am obsessed. These booties are currently my favorite warm weather shoe because they look super cute with almost any outfit. I’ve never been a huge fan of wedges because I feel like they’re too casual and clunky so it was only right to purge my closet of wedges and replace with bootie heels. Continue reading

The Best Black Leggings… EVER!

I am definitely not a jeans person. I wear leggings any chance that I can. Leggings are pants and anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong! I wear my leggings to work paired with a cute blouse or tunic.. or lounging around the house on a lazy Sunday afternoon.. or while I’m out and about running errands. Leggings are a staple in my wardrobe because they can be effortlessly dressed up or dressed down, all while allowing me to be comfortable. Continue reading

Warm Coats, Warm Hearts

As the dead of winter approaches here in New York, it has been quite frigid. I dread walking out the door in the morning to head to work. There’s always such a chill in the air and a layer of frost on my windshield. My car, unfortunately, does not have an automatic car starter.. So, in order to stay warm on the coldest of days, I bundle up in my Canada Goose parka.

Continue reading

Swimsuits of Summer

I have a swimsuit obsession.. I’ve bought 8 new suits this summer and I have a few pretty babies en route to my house as we speak.

There is one swimsuit brand in particular that has surpassed them all in my opinion: Maaji Swimwear. This brand has the cutest patterns, prints, color schemes, and styles, each being as unique as the other. Not only that, but they’re reversible! I was so sick of the always-so-similar Victoria’s Secret swimsuits that I decided to explore other brands. I have countless bikinis that look the same: the standard string bikini that has no wow factor. I have a thing with intricate details and creatively designed backs because I feel like that’s what makes a swimsuit stand out from all the rest. Well, boy am I so glad that I found Maaji Swimwear. Continue reading

Shoe Shelves

I have an obsession with shoes… Designer shoes in particular. Impulsively buying new shoes is my vice. My one issue: I can’t seem to fit them all in my closet. It wasn’t like I could just throw them into the bottom of my closet, creating a stackable mountain of a mess, because they’re expensive and I make sure I take care of my nice shoes. For the longest time, I had each pair of shoes atop their box ordered neatly on my floor. It looked as if they were showcased but truthfully, I just didn’t want anything to happen to them.. No scuffs, marks, folds, creases, etc. As my shoe collection began to grow and grow, I was losing more and more floor space. I thought, “I need to improvise.” I knew if I Continue reading

Céline For The Soul

Ask me what my most prized possession is and I’d say my Céline Micro Luggage Handbag in Black Drummed Calfskin. Ever since I became spellbound by the world of expensive goods and designer name brands, I knew I needed to get my hands on one of those bad boys.


Because of my tiny frame, I always had my sights set on the Micro because the Mini looked too big on my arm. I also needed (yes, needed) the handbag in all black. My entire wardrobe is basically all black and I had never owned a black bag.. Weird, I know.  Now, this bag, in that color, is incredibly hard to find. I saw it once in Las Vegas but let’s  Continue reading