Luscious Lashes

Naturally, I have some pretty long eyelashes. I get compliments on my lashes all the time and I have my mascara to thank. Other than some pigmentation variation and whether or not the formula is waterproof, most mascaras are all the same. It’s the wand that makes the difference! Not all wands are created equal. Each mascara wand has a different, specific purpose which in turn, produces different results. I’ve tested all types of brands and various types of wands and have found the holy grail of mascaras: L’Oréal Telescopic Original Mascara. Continue reading

The Melting Pot

If you love fondue, you must eat at The Melting Pot in Farmingdale, NY. Rich, creamy cheeses and decadent, gooey chocolate make a girl like me very happy. This restaurant offers an interactive dining experience like no other..  You actually cook your own entrée fondue style! You can order a-la-carte but I recommend the 4-Course Experience where you get cheese, a salad, a full entrée, and dessert for anywhere between $36.95 & $48.50 depending on which entrée items you choose. You can customize your order however you’d like and swap menu choices out for others. Continue reading

California Dreamin’

I’ve just recently returned from a little trip to California. The main purpose of the trip was to attend a family member’s wedding but we decided to make a mini vacation out of it. We flew in to the beautiful city of San Diego and this is where a little piece of my heart remains. I loved everything about San Diego.. A canvas of palm trees, architecture unlike here in New York, friendly people, warm sand, and best yet, the Pacific Ocean! It was my first time in Cali, and my first time touching the Pacific Ocean. Continue reading

This Milkshake Brings all the Boys to the Yard

New York City may be one of my favorite places in the world. I can’t quite put into words why it’s my favorite place because there’s endless reasons why..  Something about the diversity of the people, or how New Yorkers have such pride in their city, or the fact that it truly is the city that never sleeps, or that it offers something for everyone.. It simply fascinates me. If the cost of living wasn’t so sky high or if I won the lottery, I would most definitely move there.

Anyways.. I’m always seeking out yummy, insta-worthy foods to try and cool eateries to go to. I’m such a foodie. I came across this awesome looking milkshake on Facebook one day.. I was salivating just staring at the picture on my computer screen. The restaurant that houses these mega milkshakes, loaded with all the sweets and treats that I love, is Black Tap Craft Burgers and Beer located in New York City. Continue reading

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

I’m a Harry Potter fanatic. Go ahead, quiz me! If Hogwarts was real, I’d never grow up and forever be a student. I’ve seen all the movies, each more times than I can count on two hands. If you’re just as crazed over Harry Potter as I am, you need to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Diagon Alley in Universal, Orlando.. Incredible! I plan on experiencing the same in California this October. I even have my very own wand (Harry’s, of course) that actually does magic throughout the Worlds!

Now, to the point of this post…. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I pre-ordered this gem months before it’s release date in fear that the book would fly right of the shelves. I came home from work on “release day” to a tiny package on my front stoop.. I knew right away that it was the book. I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning. Continue reading

Calling All Blondes: You Need Violet Shampoo

I’m a natural blonde. In the summer, my hair becomes lighter and a tad golden. I hate golden undertones. I occasionally go to the salon to achieve a more neutralized, ashier look but I always end up unsatisfied with an unhappy bank account. I thought, “I need a quicker process, a longer-lasting effect, and a pretty price tag all in one.”

I always knew about violet/purple shampoo but was hesitant to try it. I didn’t want to damage my hair or end up with purple hair! How does purple shampoo work? Let’s take it back to second grade… Purple is the chromatic opposite of yellow on the color wheel.. So a purple shampoo would help counteract the appearance of yellow undertones. When I say “purple” shampoo, I really mean quite a pigmented shade of purple. Continue reading

Lake Norman, North Carolina

On Friday the 26th, my boyfriend, his family, and I packed up and took a road trip down to Lake Norman, North Carolina. Everyone drove because we each had to trailer a different toy.. Two boats and a pair of jet skis. My boyfriend had this idea of moving down there because the cost of living was ideal and he loved how vast the lake was. We were originally going to take a weekend trip down there to check it out ourselves but his dad thought it would be a good idea to make a family vacation out of it. All together, there was 16 of us.. But, the house we rented for the week was ginormous and could sleep about 30 people. It even had an elevator! The best part about the house was the bar on the first floor. We spent the majority of our time down there (besides on the lake, of course). Continue reading

Swimsuits of Summer

I have a swimsuit obsession.. I’ve bought 8 new suits this summer and I have a few pretty babies en route to my house as we speak.

There is one swimsuit brand in particular that has surpassed them all in my opinion: Maaji Swimwear. This brand has the cutest patterns, prints, color schemes, and styles, each being as unique as the other. Not only that, but they’re reversible! I was so sick of the always-so-similar Victoria’s Secret swimsuits that I decided to explore other brands. I have countless bikinis that look the same: the standard string bikini that has no wow factor. I have a thing with intricate details and creatively designed backs because I feel like that’s what makes a swimsuit stand out from all the rest. Well, boy am I so glad that I found Maaji Swimwear. Continue reading

Shoe Shelves

I have an obsession with shoes… Designer shoes in particular. Impulsively buying new shoes is my vice. My one issue: I can’t seem to fit them all in my closet. It wasn’t like I could just throw them into the bottom of my closet, creating a stackable mountain of a mess, because they’re expensive and I make sure I take care of my nice shoes. For the longest time, I had each pair of shoes atop their box ordered neatly on my floor. It looked as if they were showcased but truthfully, I just didn’t want anything to happen to them.. No scuffs, marks, folds, creases, etc. As my shoe collection began to grow and grow, I was losing more and more floor space. I thought, “I need to improvise.” I knew if I Continue reading

Weekend Getaways

Weekend getaways are my favorite.. Which is actually the reason why I haven’t blogged in a few days. My boyfriend and I decided to take a spontaneous trip to Lake Winola, Pennsylvania. Our friend has a log cabin house perched on a hill, right on a lake. The house was beautiful and the property was vast with beautiful foliage and a swimmable pond.. But, I was without Wifi.


I’m the type of girl who will forego the standard weekend routine and scenery in my hometown, to go on a road trip somewhere, anywhere. I’ll be the first to say let’s just get up and go! Come to think of it, this is our fifth little getaway this summer.

Continue reading