Luscious Lashes

Naturally, I have some pretty long eyelashes. I get compliments on my lashes all the time and I have my mascara to thank. Other than some pigmentation variation and whether or not the formula is waterproof, most mascaras are all the same. It’s the wand that makes the difference! Not all wands are created equal. Each mascara wand has a different, specific purpose which in turn, produces different results. I’ve tested all types of brands and various types of wands and have found the holy grail of mascaras: L’Oréal Telescopic Original Mascara. Best part, besides the magic this mascara does for my lashes, it doesn’t have a costly price tag! You can pick up one of these bad boys from your local CVS, Target, or Ulta for less than $8.00. I really am a devoted Sephora shopper.. ask my bank account… But this mascara quality and result surpasses any of the high-end mascaras sold at Sephora. I’ve even bought a $29.50 mascara thinking that the price reflects the result back when I was an uninformed amateur in the makeup world. Let’s just say this mascara blew all of the expensive mascaras I’ve tried out of the water.

This mascara wand is curved with stiff, densely packed bristles. The thin wand allows for precise application and it grabs each and every little lash from the root up. This wand acts as if it were a comb, separating each lash as it seamlessly applies the formula. This mascara coats each lash effortlessly, allows for a defined voluminous look, and provides clump-free coverage. Give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed and your bank account won’t be disappointed with you!


Tips & Tricks:

  • Once the first coat dries, apply a second coat in order to achieve a darker and lengthier look.
  • Do not think that since a product is the most expensive, it is better than all of the rest.

xo, Carly


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