The Melting Pot

If you love fondue, you must eat at The Melting Pot in Farmingdale, NY. Rich, creamy cheeses and decadent, gooey chocolate make a girl like me very happy. This restaurant offers an interactive dining experience like no other..  You actually cook your own entrée fondue style! You can order a-la-carte but I recommend the 4-Course Experience where you get cheese, a salad, a full entrée, and dessert for anywhere between $36.95 & $48.50 depending on which entrée items you choose. You can customize your order however you’d like and swap menu choices out for others. Your meal begins with a gourmet artisan cheese accompanied with assorted dippings treats (bread, fruit, vegetables) and a choice of salad. You then choose a bouillon base and your entrée combinations, grab a pair of utensils, and begin cooking! The cooking time for each piece of food varies but nothing cooks for longer than 2 minutes. A little nerve-wracking right?! This restaurant also offers various dipping sauces which come complementary with each entrée. The Green Goddess sauce is the best.. even your waiter will say the same! Once the main course is finished, they bring out the highly-anticipated dessert menu. Here, all you do is choose a chocolate and your waiter is in charge of the treats.. Don’t worry, he brings out all the goodies. From your typical strawberries and bananas, to poundcake and rice krispies treats.. You’ll be in a total food coma by the time you’re finished! Also, make sure you order the Yin & Yang dessert martini.. trust me on this one.

Personally, in all honesty, I’m not a huge fan of this restaurant because of a few downsides. If you dine with a big group, you’ll be here for a couple of hours. The pots are small and you only get two cooking utensils, therefore limiting how many pieces of food you can cook at one time all while still giving your friends enough room in the pot for theirs. I also prefer that my food be cooked for me. Not in a high-maintenance type of way.. Just a who knows if I cooked this dang piece of chicken long enough while questioning whether or not I’m giving myself salmonella. If you feel the same as I do, you can opt for the cheese and dessert combo and skip the raw entrée altogether (my plan next time I visit). The cheese and chocolate courses are out of this world! I do, however, believe everyone should indulge in the 4-Course Experience at least once. You never know, you may like it more than I do!


Tips & Tricks:

  • Use the timer on your cell phone to keep track of cooking times. No one likes undercooked or overcooked food!
  • Put all of the entrée sides in the pot as you cook your main course. They take the longest to cook.

xo, Carly



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