Lake Norman, North Carolina

On Friday the 26th, my boyfriend, his family, and I packed up and took a road trip down to Lake Norman, North Carolina. Everyone drove because we each had to trailer a different toy.. Two boats and a pair of jet skis. My boyfriend had this idea of moving down there because the cost of living was ideal and he loved how vast the lake was. We were originally going to take a weekend trip down there to check it out ourselves but his dad thought it would be a good idea to make a family vacation out of it. All together, there was 16 of us.. But, the house we rented for the week was ginormous and could sleep about 30 people. It even had an elevator! The best part about the house was the bar on the first floor. We spent the majority of our time down there (besides on the lake, of course).

The house was right on the lake so accessibility wasn’t an issue. The lake was beautiful and so calm. We were on the lake for hours on end. We all jet skied, tubed and wakeboarded until our bodies were sore. I even got up on the wakeboard for the first time!


Mid week, we decided to take a break from the lake and go to Zootastic. I’ve always wanted to hold a baby tiger, it’s been top three on my bucket list for years. In the states, you can only do this in Florida and North Carolina. Once I found out that we were vacationing to North Carolina, I looked up how close the zoo was to our house.. 10 minutes! I knew I would go to this zoo even if I had to go alone. A bunch of us decided to go because I mean really, who doesn’t want to hold a baby tiger. Not only did we get to hold a tiger, but we held a lemur and a binturong. I’m not really an animal person but this experience was one I couldn’t pass up. The tiger was my favorite (obviously). His name was Thor and he was 11 weeks old. It was one of the best days of my life.. Big check off my bucket list!


We also went to Point Blank Range to shoot some guns. I enjoy shooting guns a lot.. And yes, I am pro second amendment! We usually shoot when we go upstate or when we head out east to shoot Trap and Skeet. They had a huge variety of guns to choose from and reasonably low rental fees. I shot a 9mm pistol, which I’ve shot before, and a M249 SAW Fully Automatic Machine Gun. It was AWESOME! I wish I could buy one just to have because well, it’s really freakin cool, but that gun is over $10,000.00.


Labor Day weekend approached and we decided to cruise over to “Boats and Floats” which is where hundreds of boats tie up at “The Sandbar” and everyone gets wild.. Really wild. If you like to party, make sure you head there on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. It was a great way to end our vacation.


All in all, it was one of the best vacations I’ve ever been on and I’ve been on quite a few. I definitely recommend planning a trip down there as Lake Norman offers enough to appeal to everyone. If you’ve already been, how did you like it?!


xo, Carly


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