Shoe Shelves

I have an obsession with shoes… Designer shoes in particular. Impulsively buying new shoes is my vice. My one issue: I can’t seem to fit them all in my closet. It wasn’t like I could just throw them into the bottom of my closet, creating a stackable mountain of a mess, because they’re expensive and I make sure I take care of my nice shoes. For the longest time, I had each pair of shoes atop their box ordered neatly on my floor. It looked as if they were showcased but truthfully, I just didn’t want anything to happen to them.. No scuffs, marks, folds, creases, etc. As my shoe collection began to grow and grow, I was losing more and more floor space. I thought, “I need to improvise.” I knew if I went on Pinterest, I’d find my solution. Pinterest is known as the “world’s catalog of ideas” and it truly is just that. I came across the best do it yourself project: Wall shelves. Some may think (like my mom), “I don’t like the idea of shoes lined on shelves against the wall” .. But truthfully, if I do say so myself, it came out awesome.


I searched Google for white, floating shelves to match the color scheme and available wall space in my room. After browsing through some reviews, to seek out the best quality at the lowest price, Lowe’s seemed to offer just that. To Lowe’s I went.. I could have ordered them online but I like to scope products out before I purchase them and prefer instant gratification. After counting my shoes and measuring out the specifics, I knew I needed to buy 5 shelves. As soon as I got home, I got to work. I love little DIY projects. I was worried that the floating shelves wouldn’t hang perfectly perpendicular to the wall but these shelves have anchors through the middle of each shelf allowing them to hang flush with the wall. But once I add my shoes to each shelf, will they maintain their durability and perfect 90 degree angle? Yes! After I aligned my shoes on each shelf, they still stayed put! For $19.98 a piece, it was a great buy. I highly recommend!


xo, Carly


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